How do Hunters Educate Non-Hunters

This article is for all of us hunters. I don’t know how many of you saw that article about Botswana reopening hunting. But CNN actually put one out and I was surprised. Because yes, there is some anti-hunting rhetoric in it, but then they have a quote from a respected wildlife scientist talking about how it’s irrefutable that well managed hunting plays a huge role in successful wildlife conservation.

We have to work on how we communicate the benefits of hunting with others. We need to educate non-hunters on the role that hunting plays in all aspects of conservation.

Thank a Hunter

If you enjoy Wildlife thank a hunter. We need to educate non-hunters on all that we do for wildlife. Hunting is about much more than just going out and killing animals. Hunters put a ton of money into habitat restoration, Wildlife transplants, research studies, not to mention hunters bring economic value to wildlife. Which as some know has been one of the big factors over in Africa for conservation success and failure. Anytime an African country shuts down hunting, poaching and habitat destruction has gone through the roof, because they don’t have the funds to battle it. Since the wildlife and habitat no longer has economic value to local villages and farmers, the wildlife is seen as a nuisance to get rid of and the habitat is an opportunity to graze more cattle or farm more crops.

So I really encourage you to think about what the message is that you want to convey to others about hunting and what hunting means to you and most importantly what it is, we as hunters do for all wildlife and habitat around the world.

All right, Thanks and have a great day.