Marco Polo Hunt – Kyrgyzstan

12-15 day Marco Polo Sheep Hunt – Kyrgyzstan

These hunts are still less than a Stone Sheep hunt here in North America and will have you going on a once in a lifetime adventure and best of all you will have the opportunity to take one of the coolest Sheep on the planet. You need to be prepared for long shots in steep and windy conditions. You can expect to harvest a Marco Polo ram in the 46-52″ range. To date S.A.S. Hunters have had 100% shot opportunity on this hunt.

12-15 Day Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Hunt

These hunts take place in a number of different locations throughout Kyrgyzstan. You will get to experience some truly vast and rugged country on your Marco Polo hunt.

Spot and stalk hunting is the preferred method of hunting as it allows us to judge the animals with spotting scopes, before making the final stalk. Hunters typically see many animals on Marco Polo hunts, including Ibex. On a typical day, hunters could see several hundred Ibex and Marco Polo, but in some areas, hunters might only see 10 animals in 1 day. Game densities and ram size can and will vary with location. We will put hunters in the areas to best meet their hunting goals and physical abilities. Due to the difficulty and longer distances (250-550 yards) of the rifle shots required, many hunters miss game. We highly recommend taking a professional shooting course so that you have the skills necessary to use a rifle and scope with custom reticule and/or turret and so you don’t miss.

  • Hunt Style – Spot and Stalk – Land Cruisers/Horses/Backpack.
  • Fitness Level – High level physical requirement, hunting at high elevation.
  • Weapons – Archery | Muzzleloader | Rifle – Rifle is preferred, Archery & Muzzleloader hunters need to be prepared for long days and high potential of going home empty handed.
  • Trophy Quality – 44-52″ Rams on average
  • Additional Species – Mid-Asian Ibex, Wolf
  • Hunt Includes – Airport pick up and drop off, license, tags, permits, Cites, Vet Cert, food, lodging, guiding and transportation during hunt.
  • Not Included – Travel to and from home and Bishkek, export costs, shipping, Taxidermy, Food and Lodging before and after hunt, U.S. or Canadian Guide