Idaho Public Land DIY Elk taken with Bowtech Realm SR6

Hunting with Bowtech Realm SR6

The bull elk was just stepping into an opening as I came to full draw. The Bowtech Realm SR6 was rock steady and easy to hold. Thank God for that. As I ended up sitting at full draw for well over a minute waiting for the bull to clear a tree. Finally, the bull took a fateful step. Just as I released my Black Eagle Spartan topped with a RAD DelMastro broadhead the bull turned towards me. All I could think was …crap!

As the bull spun, I couldn’t see the arrow sticking out. So, at the least I knew my arrow had gotten good penetration. The blood trail was extremely challenging due to the wound location. But, when it was all said and done, that bull hadn’t gone 100 yards from where I shot him to where he died. Turned out that the combination of the Realm SR6, Black Eagle Spartans and Radical Archery Designs Del Mastro’s were absolutely lethal. The arrow ended up punching right through the shoulder and came out the offside hind quarter.

Why I love the Bowtech Realm SR6

I honestly don’t know what would have happened if I was shooting a different bow. The Bowtech Realm SR6 is an absolute powerhouse. But better than that, it is super friendly to shoot. With a solid back wall, smooth draw cycle and vibration free on release. However it is a heavier bow, but personally I like that. I have found that I shoot a heavier bow much more accurately than a light weight bow. The other interesting thing about the Bowtech Realm SR6 is that it’s extremely well balanced. So, I really didn’t notice the weight while carrying it in the elk woods over 7 days.

Bowtech Realm SR6 Tuning and Shootability

The Bowtech Realm SR6 is the easiest tuning bow I have had in a long time. I dropped it off with Spokane Valley Archery to tie in my peep and check center shot. After that, I brought it home, threw on my sight and in a matter of 30 minutes, I was shooting solid groups at 70 yards. In fact the Bowtech Realm SR6 is the best shooting bow I have shot since the Mathews Switchback. It rests comfortably in my hand, its easy to draw and just flat out shoots.

Bowtech Realm SR6 is a serious speed bow that shoots like a smooth bow. It is fast, forgiving and deadly accurate.
The Bowtech Realm SR6 is a serious piece of hunting equipment

If you are looking for a speed bow, but don’t want to sacrifice shootability, tuneability and comfort. You need to get down to your local pro shop and try one out for yourself. The Bowtech Realm SR6 in my opinion is the best Western Hunting Bow on the market right now.

Looking for a solid Western Big Game or Mountain Hunting Set up? I would highly recommend the combo of Bowtech, Radical Archery Designs and Black Eagle Arrows. You can learn more about these companies below.

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