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Don’t take my word for it, here is what Rob Horn had to say about his Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt:


I am writing to thank you for for booking my Dall sheep hunt with Ben.

He is a true mountain man and fantastic dude to hunt with. He went above and beyond in every aspect of my hunt.

Rain, fog and high winds put a damper on the hunt and had us tucked under a tarp for 3 days of this hunt but we somehow managed to get it done 54 miles later.

On day 7 of this adventure Ben managed to get me into position to take a magnificent Ram. 41″ on the left and 40″ on the right. 14 1/2″ bases. Alaska threw everything she had at us and we endured. I feel a great since of accomplishment at 47 years old tackling the Talkeetna Mountains and getting half way home on my sheep slam.

Look forward to working with you in the future to complete my slam with a Stone and Big Horn.

Sheep Hunting Ain’t For Sissies!!!!


Rob Horn

So, are you ready to go sheep hunting? Or maybe I can help you set up something else. Take a look at the hunts below and see if they inspire any ideas for you, and please don’t hesitate to call me at 509.679.0225 to talk hunts and hunting.

Hunt hard and have a blessed day

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Specialty Adventure Services
Certified Hunts

Alaska Trophy Dall Sheep Hunt

If Dall Sheep are something you dream of hunting, then stop dreaming about some day, and give me a call as this is an exceptional Dall Sheep Hunt with a fantastic Outfitter. This hunt won’t last long.

Aug 10-19, 10 day hunt guided 1×1
Talkeetna Range
Avg Trophy 36-38″ chance for 40″
Includes Food, Bush Flight, Guiding, Field Care of Meat and Trophy. Can combo Grizzly on trophy fee.
Hunt is $20,000
Outfitter will pick you up in Anchorage
call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info

Giant Northern Alberta Whitetail Prime Rut Hunt for 2

Nov 22-27, $7750 per person all inclusive plus 5% sales taxThis Outfitter is a really good friend of mine and he flat out delivers. They averaged 170″+ on the deer they harvested this last year. Depending on where he is going to have you hunting you will either fly into Edmonton or Grand Prairie. Hunt includes 6 full days of hunting, meals, lodging, guiding and field care of your trophies, potential to combo wolf on trophy fee.If Giant Whitetail are your thing, this is the hunt for you.
Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info.

Trophy Idaho Archery Elk Hunt Sept 5-12

Requires a minimum of 2 guys to book. Hunt takes place near Riggins Idaho. This is a horseback pack in hunt for 260-330″ bulls. Plus can combo Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mtn Lion and Wolf for no additional cost besides tags.Hunt is guided 1×1 for $5950 per person, plus tax and forest service use fee.This is my favorite time to hunt elk, and this year the new moon is on Sept 9 so the bulls should be active and vocal on this hunt.Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info.

Last Minute Outfitted Drop Camp Alaska Moose Hunt

This hunt is for 2-3 guys it is $7500 per person
Hunt includes – Bush flights, camp equipment, and food
Outfitter has had tremendous success on these hunts, with hunters taking moose in the 55-62″ range consistently. We can schedule this hunt for any 10 days between Sept 10 and 25.
Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info

Check out these great African Safaris:

  • Namibia – 9 day trip, 7 days hunting – Giraffe and Zebra $4350 per person, 2 spots available, can hunt until end of Nov 2018, or can do some dates in 2019.
  • South Africa Cape Buffalo and Sable Combo $18,950 all inclusive
  • Mozambique – 14 day Cape Buffalo and Leopard – $36,400 with additional animals on trophy fee
  • South Africa – Blesbok, Impala, Giraffe and Zebra for $5,300 per person
  • South Africa – Zebra, Nyala, Kudu and Impala for $7950 per person
  • Mozambique – 16 day Lion Safari $38,000
  • Zambia – Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Hippo and Zebra – $45,720

Call 509.679.0225 or email Shad@sashunts.com for more info

Marco Polo and Ibex Hunt in Tajikistan:

My partner who I run all of my Asia hunts through has several Tajikistan Marco Polo hunters who need a travel partner for Fall 2018.  Many hunters don’t like to hunt alone or don’t know anyone to travel around the world with.  We try to match hunters for good compatibility.  Unlike most companies, my partner only takes 2 hunters per hunt date unless the group knows each other, in which case we will take up to 4 hunters and have them share a guide team. Each guide team includes 2 guides, 1 driver, 1 vehicle and 1 interpreter/owner per hunter.   Each hunter is allocated 8 to 9 hunting days, so there is no rush to shoot from vehicles.  Hunters can acclimatize, don’t feel rushed to shoot the first day and they are not forced to shoot small animals to get the hunt over quickly.
Currently we have the following openings:

1) One hunt in mid-late September.  This is our best hunt for backpack or hiking style hunters. Weather is quite nice with cool nights and warm days.  We use yaks and/or donkeys to carry our equipment and spike camp into roadless areas. The last 2 hunters into this area shot giant rams scoring between 215 and 221 SCI, which are high Gold medal rams. Much bigger rams exist, but it’s difficult for a hunter to turn down such a nice animal when opportunity presents itself.

2) We have another hunter in early November who needs a travel companion.  This hunt is pre-rut and is often our last hunt before colder weather sets in.  It involves driving and hiking.  In some years, there is snow and other years it is dry still.  Cold nights and cool days.

3)  We can take a couple hunters during our prime rut hunts, from Nov. 15th until just before Christmas.  A few of these hunters are also looking for a buddy to hunt with.  On these rut hunts, most hunters will see several 58″ to low 60” rams.  The rams are traveling between ewe groups and big rams cross the border from Afghanistan where there is no hunting, so they grow to be old and big.

4)  One of our January hunters would like to find a travel partner to hunt with also.   This is a true winter hunt and the rams are often in larger groups.  It is cold, but great hunting.  This past winter, there was almost no snow; however, some years there is a lot of snow in January and February.

If interested please call or email me so I can get you in touch with my partner so he can provide you with more detailed info, as each area/hunt can have slightly different pricing and costs.

Contact Shad at 509-679-0225 or email shad@sashunts.com

Hosted Vessel Based DIY Kodiak Island  Blacktail Hunt $2500 per person. Plus opportunity for fishing and duck hunting. You will be hunting with me and one of my friends on this hunt. We are looking for 2 more really good guys to join us on this hunt.

Call 509-679-0225 or email shad@sashunts.com

Free Range Fully Outfitted and Guided Trophy Woodland Bison Hunt

March 4-12 or 14-21, 2019
8 day 2×2 Bison Only hunt $10,500 or
12 day Bison and Wolf Combo Hunt $12,500These are true free range wild bison. You will fly to High level Alberta where the Outfitter will pick you up and drive to the trailhead. From there you will use snow machines to travel approximately 50-60 miles where you will stay in a comfortable cabin. You will hunt out each day from the cabin using snow machines. This is a true adventure hunt for one of the most iconic species in North America, best of all you are hunting with a top shelf Outfitter.cal 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info

Hosted Trophy Free Range Argentina Red Stag Hunt

Here’s your chance to come with me to hunt free range stags in Argentina with a top notch Outfitter, so if you have been thinking about exploring Argentina, here’s your opportunity.

We want to plan this hunt for early March – April to take advantage of the roar. This will be a hosted hunt, so I will personally be coming along with the group. This hunt will be for 4-6 guys.
It is a 7 day package including:

  • Daily Rates
  • One Trophy Free Range Stag
  • One Trophy Blackbuck

You can take additional species on trophy fee, including Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Estate Fallow Deer, Axis Deer and More.

Call 509.679.0225 or email Shad@sashunts.com

Other Hunts Available:

  • Saskatchewan Whitetail hunts – 6 day hunt normal price $4000 all inclusive
  • Colorado Pronghorn Hunts – 15″ avg, $2500 per person, 3 day hunt, Rifle Season Oct 6-12
  • British Columbia Mule Deer Black Bear Backpack combo hunt  $4500  per person all inclusive
  • Idaho 2×1 Horseback or ATV Archery Elk Hunts in SE Idaho – dont miss out, very good area with a young and motivated crew. $5000 per person. hunts take place in Sept
  • Mexico Desert Sheep, Mule Deer and Coues Deer – contact for info if interested.
  • Manitoba/Nunavut Caribou/Fishing and Ptramigan hunts for 2019 – These hunts are in high demand – book now – $11,495 all inclusive from Winnipeg guided 2×1. Must experience hunt.

Trophy Sitka Blacktail Hunt

This hunt is amazing, as it takes place on an island near Kodiak, where you get to stay in a comfortable cabin and hunt off of ATVs for trophy class Sitka Blacktail. This hunt can accomodate just about anyone regardless of physical capability and will give you an opportunity at 95-100″+ Sitka Deer. Hunt is $7500 and includes your flight from Kodiak, food, lodging, guiding, field care of trophy and an absolutely amazing experience.
Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info.

Newfoundland 6 day Moose Hunt

$4200 per guy, minimum 2 guys to book. Great hunt with some of the highest moose density in the world. Most moose will be in the 35-45″ range. Plus you can squeeze in some great fishing while you are there. You will be staying in comfortable hunting cabins and using jet boats on the Gander River to access the hunting area.

call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com

Please email or call me if you are looking for something else as I have tons of other hunts including:

Hog Hunts
Pronghorn Hunts
Elk Hunts
Mule Deer Hunts
Sheep Hunts
Brown Bear Hunts
Black Bear Hunts
Caribou Hunts
Grizzly Hunts
Moose Hunts
Whitetail Hunts
Mountain Lion Hunts
as well as:
New Zealand Hunts
Australia Hunts
Asia Hunts
Russia Hunts
Africa Hunts
European Hunts
Canada Hunts
Mauritas Island Rusa Stag Hunts
Hawaii Hunts
Vancouver Island Hunts
and more

Cancellation Hunt

Sonora Mexico Mule Deer and Coues Deer Combo Hunt for 2-4 People.
Hunt is Dec 28-Jan 4
$10,000 per person 1×1 or $9000 per person 2×1, Hunt is normally $15,000.
This Outfitter has been aggressively developing this ranch with water and feeders, now you have a chance to come hunt 185-210+ Mule Deer and 100″+ Coues Deer at a substantial discount.
Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info

Cancellation hunt – 50-60″+ Canadian Moose – Northern British Columbia for this year.

This will be a 10 day, lake based moose hunt and fishing trip. This area consistently produces 50-60″ bulls and the lake you will be hunting produces world class northern pike. Hunt is nornally $14,500 plus $1250 charter flight plus license and tags. I have room for 1-2 guys on this hunt at $12,500 per person which includes your charter flights to and from Dease Lake and the the hunt area. Tag and License are extra.
Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info.

Northern BC River Moose Hunt
This hunt is for 1-2 hunters out of Ft Nelson. Will take a jet boat approximately 3 hours up the Muskwa River and be hunting 45-55″ moose on average. This hunt is normally $11,000, but due to a cancellation you can jump on this hunt for $7500 per person.Call 509.679.0225 or email shad@sashunts.com for more info

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