Phelps Game Calls helped me call this North Idaho Archery Bull Elk to 19 yards.
Called this bull in with the Phelps Signature Amp Diaphragm

This was a tough year in North Idaho when it came to archery elk hunting. I had to get creative with my calling approaches to create some opportunities. When it was all said and done, I was able to put a bull on the ground and fill the freezer. But what I took away from this season is the fact that Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls is making some of the best elk diaphragms on the market.

This was my first season using Phelps Game Calls and they did not disappoint. They fit my mouth extremely well, are easy to blow and provide great tone at any volume. Maybe the best thing I can say about Phelps game calls is that I gave some to my hunting partner, my dad and another friend to try out, and they all ended up going out and buying more because they work extremely well.

I think the AMP calls work so well, because they have an aluminum dome that helps correctly position the call in your mouth, and they have a smaller frame which allows you place the call further forward in your mouth, which I believe gives you more control over tongue pressure and the sounds you can generate.

One of the most impressive things to me about Phelps Game Calls is how durable they are. I previously have used Primos, Rocky Mountain Game Calls and Carlton diaphragms and I would burn through them like nothing. Typically a call would last me 1-2 days before the latex would stretch. I like to call a lot, to me that is the attraction, fun and challenge of hunting elk in the rut. I used the Phelps Maverick AMP, Signature Series AMP and Grey AMP this season, and after 3 days of scouting and 8 solid days of hunting, they sound as good as they did when they first came out of the package.

If you are an archery elk hunter or have the opportunity to hunt elk in the rut, you need to give Phelps Game Calls a try as you will not be disappointed.

Key benefits of Phelps Game Calls

  • Easy to blow
  • Great Sound
  • Create and hold tone at all volume levels
  • Durable latex
  • They just work
Phelps Game Calls help when calling elk in big mountainous country like this found in North Idaho
In big country like this, you need calls that can produce volume yet hold tone to locate spread out bulls.

Phelps Game Calls Breakdown

  • AMP Orange – this is the easiest of the Phelps Game Calls to blow, so it is a great beginners call, plus it produces excellent cow and calf sounds.
  • AMP Black – this is another easy call to blow and will produce nice nasally sounding cow, calf, calls as well as young bull bugles. I like the high end tone I can generate with this call for doing location bugles.
  • AMP Green – this is a good all around call, it requires a bit more skill to blow it well than the Orange or the Black, but once you get it dialed, it is a solid call to use day in and day out for cow/calf and bugles.
  • AMP Grey – this was one of my mainstay’s this year, as I loved the tones and nasally sounds I could make with it, while being able to do a range of bugles from young bulls to raspy mature herd bulls.
  • AMP White – This call requires more air to blow, but man does it produce great loud sound throughout the entire range of calls. If you are wanting to produce great herd bull sounds, this is the call you need to try.
  • Maverick – I think I used this call more than any of the others, it produced a great range of sounds, was easy to produce really nasally sounding cow calls as well as loud and deep bugles.
  • Phelps Signature Series AMP – This was my second most used call this year, it has great sound, easy transitions, great volume control and is simply a great all around call.

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