Viam Game Bags - strong, synthetic and easy to clean.
Viam Game Bags are lightweight and crazy strong

I want to give a huge shout out to Tristan Talvi at Viam Outdoors, he is making some amazing products. This year I had the opportunity to put his silver infused game bags to the test on my North Idaho Archery Elk hunt.

Shad with his North Idaho Archery Elk, that he packed out with the help of Viam Game Bags
My 2019 North Idaho archery elk

This year my dad was able to come hunt with me which was so special as he has never gotten to see the area I hunt here in North Idaho. The areas my buddy Wayne and I hunt are not for the feint of heart, as most of the country is big, steep and thick. Which is where the Viam Game Bags come in.

North Idaho is known for being steep and nasty
Putting the Viam Game Bags and Stone Glacier pack to work

Quite often we kill elk in areas that require an all day packout, and may result in meat hanging for a day or two before we can get it out to a cooler. This year was no different, I shot my bull on top of one of the highest peaks in our unit, which put us 1800 ft vertical above the nearest road on a really steep face. It took us about 6 hours to get him out to the road. On top of that I shot him on a Wednesday and my Dad still had a few days to hunt, so by the time I got off the Mountain it was late Saturday afternoon. So I had my meat hanging Thursday and Friday and when I got home I had to put him in some coolers until the butcher shop opened up on Monday morning.

With the Silver Infused Viam Game Bags, my meat was absolutely perfect, as the silver inhibits bacteria growth, while the fabric is highly breathable and allowed my meat to get nice and dry and cool. So here are some of my favorite things about the Viam Game Bags:

  • Large Bags so easy to get quarters in, even by yourself
  • Super light weight and pack up small
  • Amazingly Strong
  • 550 cord draw strings – can hang the bag by the draw string, yes even a hind quarter.
  • Silver Infusion – kept my meat perfect for 5 days
  • Easy clean up – sprayed them down with a hose, tossed in the washing machine and then hung them out to dry.

I wholeheartedly recommend the VIAM Game Bags so if you want to do more to protect your meat, yet keep weight down, check out VIAM Outdoors Game Bags as well as their other great products.

Check Out VIAM Outdoors Here you won’t be disappointed.

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