Spot and Stalk Archery Alberta Black Bear

Alberta Black Bear hunting is some of the best bear hunting in North America. Alberta has high densities of bears, but even more so, big bears, which makes it a black bear hunting paradise.

I don’t know about you, but I truly love hunting bears, there is just something about the mix of size, stealth and ferocity that makes every bear hunt different and exciting. 

So if you are into spot and stalk Alberta Black Bear hunts or baited Alberta Black Bear hunts, we have you covered.

Spot and Stalk Alberta Black Bear Hunts

Huge Northern Alberta Black Bear taken spot and stalk

6 day Alberta Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt guided 2×1 $4,500 per person. You can take a second bear on trophy fee. 

Alberta Black Bear hunting is a fun and exciting hunt. This Outfitter has one of the most successful spot and stalk black bear hunts to be found anywhere. Alberta has no lack of bears, with an estimated population of over 40,000 Black Bears, with the bulk of them being found in the Northern parts of the province.

Majority of the black bear hunts you see in Alberta are baited hunts, which are successful but not nearly as exciting as spot and stalk. This Outfitter operates in an area that is strictly spot and stalk. This means they have lots of big mature boars. It’s hard to beat the active and fast paced hunting that is spot and stalk hunting.

Spring bear season starts in early may while the bears are feeding on grass and other new growth. One of the benefits of hunting this time of year is that the bears tend to be up and feeding all day. Come late May and early June, the bears priority switches to breeding. This can make for fast paced hunting as the big boars are actively cruising looking for sows, so you never now when an absolute giant will pop up.

 Hunt Area.

This hunt place in the northern Peace River region of Alberta near Grand Prairie. This is a fantastic area to hunt big black bears as you have a mix of open farmland, forest and huge river valleys. These bears have everything they need to grow to huge sizes, food, shelter and good denning.

Hunting Style.

Black Bear hunting is a fun all around hunt as it typically doesn’t require crazy early mornings. So you can get up enjoy some coffee and breakfast then head out on the ATVs come mid morning in search of bears. A typical day will have you covering ground looking for sign, glassing cutlines and logging blocks or even sitting a watching travel corridors.

Lodging and Food.

Accommodations on these Alberta Black Bear hunts ranges from comfortable tent camps to modern cabins. The Outfitter has a camp cook in ever camp, so you can expect great food and lots of it. 


You will fly into Grande Prairie airport on a Saturday afternoon and overnight there. In the morning the Outfitter or one of his staff will pick you up and transfer you to your camp. At the end of your hunt they will bring you back to Grande Prairie on the following Sunday.​

Guns & Ammunition.

I recommend you bring a caliber you are most comfortable shooting for your Black Bear Hunt. Pretty much any caliber from 270 and up is more than enough. You can expect shots within 200 yards, but I recommend you work to be comfortable shooting out to 300 yards. ​


You can expect temperatures in the 60s and 70s, but come prepared for colder weather and rain. Rain gear and waterproof boots are a must. Also, be prepared for bugs. Alberta Black Bear hunts are known for Mosquitors and Black Flies. Bring a Thermacell and face net to ensure you can enjoy your hunt.​

Shipment of Trophies.

Outiftter and staff will take care of skinning your trophies, so you can expect to leave with your Black Bear. However, if you like you can leave your bear with the Outfitters preferred taxidermist they will assist you with that process.


​Hunt includes, guiding, lodging, food and beverages while hunting (excluding alcohol), transportation to and from Grande Prairie airport if required and field preparation of animals.

Not included.

Hunt does not include – Commercial flights of any kind , rental car fees, hotel rooms and meals before or after hunt, gratuities to staff, and trophy shipment or taxidermy.

Alberta Baited Black Bear Hunt

Massive Northern Alberta Black Bear on Bait

If you are looking for a hunt where you are likely to see lots of bears, with some color phase as well as some absolute giants, this is a great hunt for you. 

This Outfitter had a great year last year. everyone got at least one Bear. Hunters ended up killing some really nice boars and some beautiful color phase bears as well. I still have some spots available for this spring if interested.

Baited Black Bear hunts are 5 day hunts at $4500.00 plus 5% GST and Licence per person. You can take a second black bear on a $500.00 trophy fee.

The Outfitter runs about 70 baits to make sure they can always put you on a hot bait with high odds of success. On the baited hunts you will have leisurely morning and typically head out mid- day to sit the bait until dark. So expect relaxed but long days.

You will be staying in the Outfitter’s lodge which is a beautiful Hotel that they own and built in 2015.

You will want to fly into Grande Prairie AB the day prior to your hunt and either rent a car and drive to camp (Camp is 4.5 hrs North) or the Outfitter can pick you up and return you for $250.00 per person.

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