Happy Hunter with his excellent Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep. Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep hunt
Hunter with a great Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Kyrgyzstan a couple years ago and help guide a friend on an amazing Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep Hunt and Ibex Hunt. We met up in Chicago and then took an 11 hour flight to Istanbul Turkey. We got to enjoy the Airport in Istanbul as we had about a 4 hour layover before we boarded our 5 hr flight to Bishkek.

Upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan we were met by one of the Outiftter’s representatives who took us through VIP Customs Clearing (highly recommend this if you go to Kyrgyzstan). From there we went to the hotel in downtown Bishkek as the Outfitter was having to drive the long way as snow had closed one of the passes after the last Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep hunt.

It was great though, as I ran into several other hunters that I know from the U.S. and Canada who were just finishing up a Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Hunt and one other hunter who was just getting ready to go out. We sat around, had some drinks and shared stories, not a bad way to rest up and get ready to.

The next day my friend and I went and explored Bishkek, it was a pretty unique experience, underground markets, old soviet block architecture, and some of the craziest traffic you have ever seen. It’s actually a really neat city and there are some great restaurants.

The following day we loaded up in the Land Cruisers for about a 8 hour drive to base camp. A Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo Sheep hunt isn’t for those who need absolutes, order and consistency as no matter how good the Outfitter there are always unexpected twists. To get to camp we went through military checkpoints, drove through old Soviet Military bases and over river beds (which serve as roads).

The base camp was much more than we were expecting. It had a sauna, full bath and shower, comfortable beds, it was serious 5 star backcountry living.

We woke up the next morning and walked out into frigid 5 degree temps, but the cold was quickly forgotten as I saw Marco Polo sheep in almost every direction I looked. But, better than that was the amazing scenery of the Tian Shan Mountains as we were surrounded by 16,000ft plus peaks, massive valleys and glaciers and not another soul as far as you could see.

The Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo hunt was nothing short of amazing. In 7 days we saw over 1000 Marco Polo Sheep and over 800 Mid-Asian Ibex as well as some Asian Wolves. My friend ended up harvesting a magnificent 52″ Marco Polo with tons of mass, it ended up scoring 205″. Then after a fun horseback ride to a spike camp in one of the most awe inspiring valleys I have ever seen, he and I both took some great Ibex. Click Here for more info

For more hunting in Asia or Russia call me and God Bless.

Shad Wheeler, 509-679-0225.

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