Trophy Mid Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan

This hunt takes place in Kyrgyzstan and the camp is off the chart! If Giant Mid Asian Ibex get you excited this is the hunt for you. There are great sheep here also if anyone is interested. My friend who organizes these hunts will be hosting hunts in 2019. Of course as I am sure many of you are aware there are rumors flying about Kyrgyzstan closing to International Hunting in 2020. We don’t know what will happen for sure, but to be safe now is the time to book if Kyrgyzstan is on your bucket list.

These guys will take first class care of you and your friends and bust their rears to get you a shot at a giant Mid-Asian Ibex.

Hunt Dates:
Hunting Season runs August 15 to October 15 (however, we prefer running these hunts September 1 to October 15)

October Ibex Hunt

Hunt Price: Ibex  $8900 per person(we expect to shoot 50″ Mid Asian Ibex at this camp, and have shot some Ibex in the 60’s. $1000 trophy fee for ibex over 55″)

Trip Details – 8 day itinerary (5 days hunting, 3 days travel)(couple days to do paperwork in Osh)
*Takes at least 2 days to get export paperwork in town (they are closed Saturday & Sunday)-We will fly to Bishkek and then on to Osh. Outfitter will help organize domestic flights. You will want to arrive in Bishkek in the a.m.(we will have this coordinated with you prior to when you  book your flight) 

50″+ Mid Asian Ibex

-Expect to see a lot of big Mid Asian Ibex billy’s together at this time of year

Lodging – Accommodations will be in a comfortable hunting house while at base camp and then you will spike out in tents to pursue these big billys. Hunting will be from sure footed mountain horses and on foot. 

Giant October Mid Asian Ibex

Included with the price:

  • Meeting and Customs Clearance in Bishkek/Osh
  • Flight to Osh from Bishkek (we are hoping we can all fly Istanbul to Osh in 2019)
  • Official Invitation Letter 
  • All transfers from Osh to camp and return
  • Interpreter  (to, from and in camp, might not have individual interpreter on the mountain)
  • Hunting License, export permits, Vet Certs, CITES(issued by Kyrgyzstan gov’t)
  • Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks(in moderation) 
  • Import/Export permit for rifle  (only for Kyrgyzstan)(nothing needed for transit in Istanbul and only form 4457 necessary for US return)
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Import assistance with trophies (we always plan to bring trophies home with us, sometimes that isn’t possible, either way we’ll assure and assist in getting your trophies home) 

Not Included:

  • International flights to/from Bishkek (we will help make arrangements)
  • VIP at airports in Bishkek/Osh, mandatory with rifles ($240 total)
  • Visa (can be done prior or at airport, we typically prefer prior)
  • Hotel and meals in Bishkek/Osh before and after hunt (if necessary)
  • Excess luggage fees
  • Gratuity (guides, cooks, drivers)(roughly 10% of hunt cost split up among team)
  • USFWS Import Permit (We will help you with this)

Payment/Deposit: $3,500 initial deposit due at time of booking. Remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your hunt date (You can bring cash at the time of your hunt if you prefer)

Pictures in this post are just a few of the ibex we’ve taken in the last 2 seasons. Notice the different weather in the pics, you need to be prepared for snow late. Altitude at most of the hunting camps is around 11- 12,000 feet, but we have hunted as high as 16,000 feet. Diamox is a must, so make sure to get a prescription from your physician prior to your hunt.
We’ve never not killed an Ibex on these hunts.

Contact Shad at 509-679-0225 or email for more info on these or any of our other World Class Sporting Adventures.

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