Australian Water Buffalo Hunts need to be experienced by all serious big game hunters. Best of all the Land down under offers many additional species to hunt including, Wild Ox, Banteng, Rusa, Sambar, Sika, Chital and Hog Deer Hunts.

Massive 50" Australian Water Buffalo
This Bull Australian Water Buffalo is what dreams are made of.

Australian Water Buffalo are big, powerful and dangerous animals. They are the third largest of all the buffalo species. A mature Bull Water Buffalo can weigh over 1700-1800lbs. Both the cow and bull Australian Water Buffalo have horns, with the wild Water Buffalo having heavier mass and greater spreads than ranch buffalo. Ranch Bull Water Buffalo tend to have the same mass as the cows, which is what makes it worth your while to pursue wild, free range, Water Buffalo.

A trophy free range Australian Water Buffalo will typically have horns measuring anywhere from 27-40 inches in length per horn, and have bases measuring 15-24 inches.

Australian Water Buffalo only have 1 real predator once they are grown, which is the huge salt water croc, but the calves are susceptible to packs of dingos.

Specialty Adventure Services’ outfitter and guide from New Zealand is excellent and he personally guides each and every one of our clients in Australia from June-October each year on free range Australian Water Buffalo hunting safaris. These hunts take place in East Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territories of Australia. You will be hunting on what is the largest, most remote and only designated hunting and conservation area for wild free range Water Buffalo hunting in Arnhem Land.

Old warrior Australian Water Buffalo Bull in the bush.
Want to get up close and personal with a wild Water Buffalo Bull like this?
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This hunting area is over 2 million acres of prime wilderness and hunting land. It is approximately 90 miles x 60 miles in area, and ranges from pristine coastlines to tropical jungle to large river valleys and grass swamps. An Australian Water Buffalo hunt has everything serious hunters are looking for in a challenging, rewarding and overall world class adventure.

Trophy Quality of these wild Australian Water Buffalo are second to none, and provide for a challenging hunt. On your Australian Water Buffalo hunt you will have the option of taking additional Water Buffalo on trophy fee as well as wild oxen, or if you prefer our Outfitter can get you on some amazing Baramundi fishing.

Happy Hunter with a great Barramundi. Take a break from Water Buffalo hunting and catch some of these amazing fish.

Taking a break from hunting and chase some big Barramundi.

In this wild and remote section of Australia you will find the last herds of true wild oxen. Real Wild Oxen are not to be mistaken for common wild ranch cattle or scrub bulls. Wild Oxen are typically light red in color and with a white blaze on their nose and quite often will have white blazes down their legs. Wild Oxen are much flightier than the Australian Water Buffalo and will bolt into the thick brush the moment they feel threatened.

Wild Ox prefer to live in the thick cover of the jungle but will occasionally come out into clearings on the edges in the evening. Wild Ox are taller than water buffalo and can stand up to 6 feet at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 1000-2600 lbs.

Specialty Adventure Services only works with highly proven Outfitters. Our Outfitter’s Australian Water Buffalo hunting camp has all the comforts you can want while spending your time and hard earned money pursuing your trophy in the wilds of East Arnhem Land. Water Buffalo Camp overlooks a scenic river and includes a full time cook, camp staff, hot showers, flushing toilets, purpose built cabins, generator power, and an airstrip for the charter planes.

Australian Water Buffalo hunts are scheduled for 6-8 days and often include barramundi fishing from one of the Outfitter’s boats, salt water crocodile tours and they will make sure you have plenty of time to take some amazing photos.

Outfitter will make sure that your trophies are cared for right in camp and ready for shipping. This Outfitter offers Australian Water Buffalo hunts from June-October to avoid the wet season, which can make hunting next to impossible. Our Outfitter also has a world class operation in New Zealand with free range and estate Red Stags, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Deer and more. So I can help you plan the adventure of a lifetime, where you get to experience the best of Australia and New Zealand on the same trip. Best of all our Outfitter will personally guide you in both countries.

I can assure you that this adventure will deliver an experience that will be one of the highlights of your hunting life. If you are looking for the challenge and excitement of hunting Dangerous Game in a truly wild environment with no fences, in some of the most wild country left in the world, then an Australian Water Buffalo hunt may be for you.

To plan your Australian Water Buffalo Safari or New Zealand Hunting Adventure contact Shad at 509-679-0225 or

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