Kansas Whitetail hunt
Monster Kansas Whitetail – What Dreams are Made Of!

I am excited to offer these Kansas Whitetail hunts and Mule Deer hunts for 2020 and beyond.  So, come check it out for yourself. You will hunt 30,000 acres of prime Whitetail country for 140″-200″+ bucks in Unit 3. As you can see, these Whitetail hunts are for high quality whitetail bucks (140″ minimum) and not a “just fill your tag hunt” where any buck is a shooter.  Hunter’s will target old, mature whitetail bucks with an Outfitter who has a proven track record of harvesting them with archery, rifle, or muzzleloader equipment. 

Email Shad@sashunts.com or call 509-679-0225 to book your Kansas Whitetail Hunt

Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunt Details

This Outfitter provides Meals and lodging on all of these hunts.  Subsequently, if you come on a Kansas Whitetail or Mule Deer hunt after the pheasant/quail opener you can also hunt upland birds free of charge. By the way, the upland bird populations are doing GREAT. 

NW Kansas has been producing some high quality hunts year after year and as he acquires more ground the Outfitter has more openings available, including November Archery Rut hunts, rifle hunts and muzzleloader hunts.

Price and Dates available for 2020 – Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunts –

November 14-18, 2020 & November 20-24, 2020

5 Day Hunt Price – $4000/ hunter for 5 days, 6 nights with meals and lodging included. 

7 Day Hunt Price – $5000/hunter for 7 days, 8 nights with meals and lodging included.

Price and Dates Available for Kansas Rifle Whitetail Hunts

The rifle hunts available for 2020 would be December 2-5, 2020 & December 7-10, 2020

Price – $4500.00/hunter for 4 days, 5 nights with meals and lodging

$5500.00 with 5 days, 6 nights with meals and lodging included. 

Hunt Location and Info

These Kansas Whitetail hunts take place on 30,000 acres of prime Whitetail habitat located in NW Kansas in unit 3 for Whitetail deer and upland bird hunts.

The Kansas Mule Deer hunts and or Whitetail Deer hunts are available on 20,000 acres of amazing hunting ground located in unit 1.

All equipment is preset and ready for you. The Outfitter hangs and hunts exclusively out of Millennium tree stands, which in his opinion are the best and biggest stand out there. Or, he has multiple ground blinds and muddy bull towers set up on 5 foot and 10 foot platforms.  Safety is the #1 priority with any hunter going above 5 feet, so the Outfitter has Hunter Safety System Lifelines installed on all tree stands. Ensuring that each hunter is safely secured from top to bottom.  

You will meet the Outfitter in Phillipsburg, Kansas. Lodging is in a very comfortable house with wifi, full size beds and great meals. Plan on driving out to the hunting area each day.

Email Shad@sashunts.com or call 509-679-0225 to book your Kansas Whitetail Hunt.

Kansas requires you to apply for tags to hunt these units. The Application period for permits is in April each year. You have 94%-97% chance of drawing a unit 3 whitetail tag each and every year with zero points.  The mule deer stamp for unit 1 is a bit tougher to get and may take a couple years of applying.  

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